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A native of Lake Charles and current resident of DeRidder, Lydia Derouen has always been fond of art, even from an early age. While learning to draw, her early years were influenced by her sister and art education at Barbe High School. 
“Many artistic techniques and abilities that I learned and acquired at Barbe are some I still use to this day," she said.
Through the years, Derouen has been commissioned for pieces and murals, entered  competitions, and received awards for her works of art. Art has always been enjoyable for her. 
"If any of my pieces bring joy to viewers, then my artistic goal has truly been accomplished," she said.

    French Quarter             View From A                Shrimp and                     Afternoon                    Eggplant
                                            River Boat                      Oyster                         Preparation                 Reflections

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   Boudreaux and                  Cathedral                     Fruit of Plenty                Oyster 2                       Passionate
     Thibodeaux                       Guardian                                                                                                  Pomegranate

    All In A  Row                      Feisty
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