Maria Fuller is a Virginia native who grew up with strong connection to her Appalachian roots. She was taught sewing embroidery, needlepoint, knitting, basketry and weaving by her mother and grandmothers.  When it come to art or quilting she approaches a project by wanting to tell a story or break some rules.  Shortly after moving to DeRidder several years ago, she began taking her first paint/drawing classes at the RAD with Sharon Harris. These classes have complimented her fiber work. Fuller looks forward to learning more so she can gain more painting skills and expand her range of work to include felting and mixed media. The sewing in her display is either hand-stitched or free motion machine-stitched.

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         Emerge                 Burst of Color            Angels Among Us        Let Freedom Ring       Hand Knit Hat  
                                                                                                                     It's About Time
      Leaf Me Alone            Shape of Things          Monkey Brains           Monte Pavono                 Pick a Path 

 Trabocchi Fishing         The Grandma Tree        Three is Not              Follow the North                 
       Pier                                                                      A Crowd                         Star

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