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The Board of Directors and Officers meet regularly to make decisions/plans regarding the physical management of the gallery, schedules, events, etc. All members and volunteers are encouraged to present ideas, concerns and projects to members of the Board or Officers for consideration. 

What is the cost to join?
A. The basic dues are $60 per year. For that, you can submit up to five exhibit items, participation in theme shows and special events is highly encouraged. Artists must agree to these requirements:
1. Volunteer one day per month as a gallery docent.
2. Rotate their exhibited art quarterly, or more frequently if asked, to maintain a fresh look in the gallery.
3. Attend RAD gallery sponsored events and contribute for refreshments as needed.
4. Complete and attach an Exhibit Card (furnished by RAD) to all their art exhibits and display it next to the item, with the same information attached to the back in case the Exhibit Card is lost.
B. The other option at $125 annually is the same as the above excluding numbers 1 and 3.

Who may join?
Interested members must fill out an Artist Agreement Form (Attachment #1) and present two works of art for review by the membership committee. This decision depends on skill level, style and originality. Our goal is to encourage all local arts and artists, but the limitation of our physical plant will determine quantity/size of art to be exhibited and new artists accepted at the time. A waiting list will be maintained.

What are the exhibit requirements?
Members may exhibit five works at all times (if unusually large, then a lesser quantity). Art must be on a gallery wrapped canvass or framed. Painting and photos on unframed metal is acceptable. Sculptures must be freestanding and easily exhibited using our current exhibit system. The works must be original to the artist and rotated quarterly. All work must be labeled on the back with the following information: Name of work, medium, size, artist and price. The same information must be transferred to an Exhibit Card upon receipt at the gallery. Work should be ready to hang with wiring firmly secured on the back and must be adjusted to extend no greater than two inches below the top edge. 

Whereas the gallery takes every precaution, all artwork exhibited is at your own risk as the gallery provides no insurance.

After a sale, 10% of the sale price must be given to the gallery according to the Artist Agreement.

What do you mean “original to the artist”?
Design and creation of the work is entirely by the creating artist. Artwork created as a copy or a product of a workshop with students creating the same piece may not be displayed. Copyright laws require major changes; even from photographs which have been copyrighted. Color change or reversing the subject matter does not qualify as a change. While other work may be used for inspiration and reference, it is up to you to see that all laws are obeyed. Work which is ascertained to have been copied will be immediately removed from the gallery.  

What are the benefits of membership?
Because RAD is the only gallery in the parish, becoming a member creates a venue for you to show your work in a professional area uniquely designed to showcase your art to its best advantage. 

We work closely with the city and have access to its resources for advertising to promote your work. The tourist commission also works with RAD to promote the gallery to new residents and tourists through their website and advertising. We also participate in all city-sponsored events so that your artwork is exposed on a regular basis to different audiences. We schedule many special events with out of town artists and other guests to provide exposure to regional and current styles of art. Becoming a member creates new friendships and ‘sounding boards’ for discussing your ideas and critiquing your work. We offer workshops and special theme shows to challenge your artistic abilities, as well as classroom space and group painting sessions for instruction and the free exchange of ideas.
108 W. First Street   DeRidder, Louisiana    Phone: 337-221-3030