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RealArt Gallery of DeRidder
108 W. First Street   DeRidder, Louisiana    Phone: 337-221-3030
At one time, there was a RealArt Theater in downtown DeRidder. In an effort to honor the history of the arts in our downtown area, original members of the new arts center named the group and the gallery, "RealArt DeRidder."
Why the name, "RealArt"?
What is "RealArt DeRidder"?
RealArt DeRidder Art Gallery opened in 2009, under the name RealArt Deridder Arts Cooperative, in a partnership between the city and local artists. The gallery has a mission of returning the arts to the community, providing a venue for individual artists and groups to showcase their art, and fostering artistic development through classes and related events.

RealArt DeRidder (RAD) is a non-profit, all volunteer arts corporation. We provide opportunities for artists, musicians, writers and actors - anyone who uses the power of creative techniques to express themselves, and to groups hosting art-related events in an environment conducive to the arts.
Downtown DeRidder, 1950s, (theater at left)
DeRidder, 1921