Durhl Davis, Jr. (b. 1963) is a Louisiana-born artist dedicated to the study and revival of traditional painting techniques. Self-taught in the methods of the Old Masters, Durhl specializes in portraiture in the style of classical realism. He is best known for his life portraits and southern charm still life paintings in traditional oils and pastels.

Davis’s attention to detail and ability to capture his sitter’s personality have earned him a strong reputation as a sought-after portrait and still life artist.

Davis’s oil painting method is based on the traditional Flemish technique. Works begin with a detailed drawing and monochrome (grisaille) under-painting, followed by multiple layers of opaque over painting and rich transparent color glazes. Rarely practiced by artists today due to its complexity and time consuming nature, this traditional approach allow the artist to create depth and luminosity of color and level of fine detail which is not possible to achieve by using modern direct painting methods. 

Durhl’s still life paintings and drawings are steeped in southern charm and culture, bringing to life his paintings of local flowers and landscapes.

Durhl is the 2022 Art Show International Gallery Talent Prize Award winner in the Portrait category.

Fine Lines Art Studio is in central western Louisiana, in a small village of Anacoco. The studio is surrounded by souring pine and oak trees that shade the nearly 600 sq ft art studio. Although not open to the public at this time, his work can be viewed at local galleries and online at www.durhl-davis.pixels.com, also on social media or he can be reached via email at FineLinesArtStudio@Gmail.com.


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Durhl R. Davis Jr.